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Basketball Going In A Hoop

Nothing But Net

Finding Your Own North Star, What I learned and the skills I developed playing basketball in High School and College. I wrote my book to motivate others.


Terence Murchison, Sr

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a new author publishing my first book "Nothing But Net". It has been one of the most difficult tasks I have pursued. My professional career in information technology has been more about logic, reasoning, and providing business solutions using technology. I spent a few years mastering and consulting with corporations

And not for profits organizations implementing cutting edge technologies to improve business security and performance.


I realized I wanted to break the cycle, so I wrote this book, "Nothing But Net." I wanted to share with others how I found my north star and developed life skills playing basketball in high school and college. The knowledge and skills learned playing basketball, help me in many ways of navigating life after I finished my days of playing. Learn from my successes and failures.  How playing basketball can develop and improve personal life skills.

Basketball Net


NOTHING BUT NET is a narrative about an African American male growing up in 1950, 60’s in a small southern city in North Carolina. Abandoned by his mother following her separation/divorce and loss of custody of his younger half brother and left to live with his Maternal Grandfather and two Aunts. They lived in a four-room shotgun house, in one of the most impoverished neighbors in the city.